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Hangzhou Yushen reducer mobile phone website and WeChat public line number!
POSTTIME:2015-10-12 14:21:28
After a month of careful preparation and planning, Hangzhou Yushen decelerator Co., Ltd. mobile website and micro channel public formally launched!!!
Since China entered the 21st century, the Internet has touched all walks of life, each industry also has entered the digital era, digital internet become irreplaceable part of our lives, Yushen company adhere to walk in ahead of the industry's attitude, launched Yushen mobile site, here you can be the fastest the most convenient by handheld mobile devices to browse our website, access to the latest industry information, understand my company the latest developments and new released products.
God Yu letter public, with new interactive mode, the latest developments in the most intuitive point to point learned God Yu company and released the industry trends.

Public number and mobile phone website is a new mode of foreign exchange, for the company also represents the time of the sales attitude, as well as to share with customers and customers with more exchanges to achieve common progress of the dream

Use WeChat , concern us!

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